While everyone has their own personal standard for success, there is now a movement to reconsider the very definition of the word.

The video below is part of a petition to change the actual meaning of the word “success” as defined by the Merriam Webster English dictionary, which is currently listed as “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame.” Strayer University claims that 90% of Americans are more in line with success being defined by happiness, as opposed to material gain.

The setup of the video is a fairly straight display of this: People are asked to rate their own personal levels of success on a scale of 1-10, and they all are very harsh on themselves. The response is very different, however, when their loved ones are asked to rate them instead.

The more cynical of us are likely asking the same question in unison--"What else were they supposed to say?" Certainly, it'd be weird for these people to just rip into their loved ones on camera or just offer up a meager "eh, he's ok. 5/10 I guess."

But if we consider the goal of the campaign, things at least make a little more sense. Having someone who can stand up for you and offer love and support, no matter where you see yourself in life, would appear to be the kind of happiness that many people see as "having made it."

Whether or not this is grounds enough for changing the actual definition of a word, we'll leave up to your personal take. However, organic or not, the sentiment of being loved by others and considered a success in their eyes being a peak of happiness is something we can get behind.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.