Source: Facebook

This Dog Runs Away From Everything–Even Mayonnaise?

The term "scaredy-dog" doesn't really roll off the tongue, but it may just need to be coined in this instance!

Facebook user Cody Viselli has posted a video titled "My dog is scared of everything!!", in which his dog runs in excited terror from a series of objects that Cody presents.

At first, Cody simply brandishes each item (which include a jar of mayonnaise, an air-freshener, and a roll of paper towels), before proceeding to chase after the dog with it to the exact same effect each time. The dog even stops and readies himself to flee in fear as he recognizes each item.

Ok ok--so maybe he isn't exactly terrified, and this is some sort of Pavlovian effect of having a dude chase after you with a camera and a series of pointy objects--but it at least looks that way! Maybe the dog is just having fun with it, but if he's really trying to get away, we recommend he stop running the same route each time. Just a hunch!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.