Meet Leland from Georgia, USA. He loved history and playing with dirt.


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But one day, Leland complains of a headache; instead of getting better, the pain got worse by the day. A nearby clinic told them it was just an allergy, but his pain was so severe he started vomiting.

Leland was then taken to a larger hospital where they discovered "balamuthia mandrillaris" that was spreading inside his head. His chance of survival at the time was a mere 5%.

Although the treatment began right away, Leland lost consciousness 2 days after being hospitalized. He was never to wake up again: Leland had passed away on September 25, 2015.


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Shocked by the sudden turn of events, Leland's parents could not leave Leland's side.

Later, Leland's parents returned home to prepare his funeral... When they entered Leland's room, they notice something on the table.

It was a letter from Leland:


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Seeing this message, Leland's mother could not hold back her tears.

No one knows when or how the letter was written and placed on Leland's table. Some people say it was from heaven, while others say Leland wrote this when he knew he did not have much time left. But however it got there, Leland's message was now safely in the hands of those he loved so much.


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He was the light of our life and the center of this family. I count the days until I can see his sweet face again and hear that beautiful voice.

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Leland never let go of his smile until he lost consciousness. Leland probably felt the anxiety of his mum and dad, and tried to relieve that as best as he can, despite his illness.

Surely, Leland also knows he will meet his parents again; until then, Leland will watch over his mum and dad from above.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.