This painstakingly made commercial for the popular Japanese snack, CalorieMate, is blowing our minds with just how much effort was put into crafting beautiful artwork to deliver an inspiring message.

Some of you may know CalorieMate as somewhat of a gag treat in the popular video game series Metal Gear Solid. It's an actual snack in Japan, and looked at as sort of a meal supplement or energy bar. As such, CalorieMate finds a lot of customers in prospective university students who need something to power through in order to get through the rigorous university entry process in Japan. In this new commercial, CalorieMate is offering an inspiring message to their customer base as they prepare to embark on that journey.

First, put down what you have on hand and watch this 2 minute commercial made by 34 art students that took over 2,623 hours and 6­,328 illustrations to craft!

As the girl gets ready to to take an examination that will impact the rest of her life, she looks back on her school life, friends, family, and past experiences in life that have lead her to where she is today as they unfold in a relentlessly gorgeous chalk animation.

She seems to gain a new sense of confidence and a new lease on life as she realizes what she has supporting her (along with a trusty CalorieMate!). As she readies herself to take the test, CalorieMate's message to appears on the screen:


Source: YouTube

"見せてやれ、底力." Show them your inner strength.

A message that reminds us that every step forward we take has the strength of our previous steps behind it.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.