While the traditional way to celebrate Japan's famed cherry blossom season is to enjoy sakura viewing with a hanami party, in recent years artistic digital mapping exhibitions, such as teamLab’s digital art sakura installation and the new sakura and jellyfish kaleidoscope tunnel have offered beautiful indoor alternatives.

The latest effort comes from artistic construction and digital mapping experts NAKED in the form of TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA)~YOZAKURA NIGHT~, a special nighttime projection mapping installation at Tokyo Tower that allows for a truly unique cherry blossom viewing experience.

The new project aims to provide a beautiful nighttime hanami experience that can be enjoyed regardless of weather. Using both the floor and windows of the second floor and main deck, visitors to Tokyo Tower can enjoy a projection mapping installation that shows off fluttering digital representations of ten different types of cherry blossoms. Guests can activate falling cherry blossoms to appear by holding out their hand and moving is across the window, providing a gorgeous parade of sakura over one of Tokyo's most iconic night views.

The TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA ~ YOZAKURA NIGHT ~ is located on the second floor of Tokyo Tower's main deck, and will take place regardless of rainy weather. It can be enjoyed at no additional fee to the tower entrance fee, and will run between March 22nd and May 6th (March 22nd-April 7th 6:30PM to 10:50PM, April 8th-May 6th 7:00PM to 10:50PM).

By - Big Neko.