When we crave for some stunning scenic views, we tend to make the mistake of believing we have to travel miles to see it. Well, it ain't always so.

The same applies in this case. Noumizo no Taki - located in Kimitsu, Chiba - is merely an hour away from center of Tokyo. Noumizo no Taki is fast becoming a popular tourist spot - the story about this fantasy-like place started spreading mainly in the world of Instagram.

It all started when yuzooooo posted this photo on Instagram:

YUZOさん(@yuzooooo)が投稿した写真 -

The ray of light and the transparent water... it is mesmerizing indeed.

According to yuzooooo, you need to be this place during spring or in September to see a view like this.

Having said that, the place will have different but equally stunning view in different time of the year.

YUZOさん(@yuzooooo)が投稿した写真 -

This river and fall was actually created artificially in order to bring the river through the cave.

In early summer, you will get to see fireflies at night, and some colored leaves during autumn.

Even if you don't visit these places during this season, it'll still be great. The below photo for instance was shot in late October.

The reflection on the water is beautiful.

YUZOさん(@yuzooooo)が投稿した写真 -

Noumizo no Taki

Address: Sasa, Kimitsu, Chiba Prefecture

Direction: Beside Prefectural Road No. 24, around mid-point between Boso Skyline entrance and Kamogawa Toll Road.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.