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Make Endless Ramen With Easy-Ramen-Maker

Winter is coming, sometimes it feels tedious to wait in a long line on the street for a hot bowl of ramen. You don't have to go out anymore because you can do it for yourself now! Mega House is the perfect tool to make your own style of ramen. Although the product was intended for children to inspire them in cooking, it doesn’t mean our adults cannot use it right? (Sorry kids...)

The official name of the product is called O-Uchi de Ramenya (“Ramen restaurant in your home”), you can be the one in charge to choose your own topping, types of noodle, and soup flavor. As for the best part but also the concerning part, you can make endless ramen tills it reaches the rib cage of your stomach.

The noodle cutter, tray, and main part.

The kit comes with three types of cutters for your options of noodle thickness. There is also a special way to make curly noodles as you see in most ramen restaurants. Moreover, if you want to place a few side dishes of gyoza or wonton in your ramen, you can make those skins as well.

The simple ingredients are here

Hard flour/bread flour (300 grams)
Soft flour/pastry flour (100 grams)
(All-purpose flour (400 grams) will work the same)

Water (about 190 grams)
Salt (8 grams), eggs (2)

Even beginners who probably only can make instant cup noodles should have no problem, Mega House teachers teaches you step-by-step of how you make your own ramen in this video.

Here you can find the product from Amazon for $50.66 USD, try it for yourself!.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.