This is a story from Miyazaki, Japan. Currently in Miyazaki, there are approximately 3,800 animals contained in animal management department. Out of which, about 2,500 animals get euthanized.

Animals are "judged" and killed

Whether the animal is killed or not is determined based on "transfer applicability examination" - which is a criteria set by us humans.

Cats and dogs that passes this "judgment" are transferred to a public organization selected by the prefecture, and eventually into a new family.

What about those who fails? They go straight to the gas chamber, without seeing the view outside of the containment center.

Left dog - fail; right dog - pass

The dog on the left was killed, while the dog on the right is living happily with a family.



They were both abandoned by former owners. And the staff at the containment center heartlessly selected who gets to live and die.

A dog that "missed the cut"



This dog appears as if he knows his life will not last long. How can we look straight into his eyes?

Being there for them

On March 2010, a shelter called "Inochino House" was founded in order to change this awful situation.

Inochino House rescues cats and dogs that are "deemed unfit", and tries to care for them before introducing them to a new family.

Cats and dogs here are either disabled, old, or not easily adaptable.

A dog that refused any interaction

This dog did not want to interact with people at all.



But given proper care, the dog regained confidence and trust, now he is a happy chap.



Dogs that were aggressive towards people

Dogs in the next photo were deemed as too aggressive.



But once they are looked after at Inochino House, they are living a peaceful life - and they hardly bark anymore either.



All of these cats and dogs are victims, who were dumped by irresponsible owners.

Even then, trying to heal their spiritual pain (instead of mercilessly training them) will reveal their beautiful side.



People have been notifying Miyazaki prefecture for 10 years about this terrible situation, and finally, an establishment of animal protection center is finally confirmed for 2017.

The new facility will have air conditioning, with only one cat or dog per cage, and there will be no kill at the new center. However, only the cats and dogs that are rescued at a certain area is eligible to enter this new center.

Cold and heartless "prison"

No air conditioning, hardly any sunlight... the current situation is not a place for anybody to live.



In the middle of winter, if you leave a dog in a cold cage, it will die. Perhaps it's not something we want to see, but it's important to face the reality.



If there is even one animal with an infectious disease, it could easily spread all over the facility. The environment is simply horrendous.

As you read this article today, another animal is being "judged". What do you make of all this?

There is an online sponsorship campaign on a Japanese website called READYFOR?

The organizer is calling for equal treatment among animals in the prefecture.

Although the website is in Japanese only, if you are interested in finding more about it, do visit it.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.