If you don’t want your penguins to get any “ideas,” you probably wouldn’t want to show them Penguins Of Madagascar, just to be safe.

Undoubtedly one of the most awesome penguin movies out there, these penguins in Denmark may have been inspired by the adventure-loving Madagascar heroes.

Maybe they overestimated themselves, because not only were their footprints immediately discovered, a definitive moment of their “escape” was caught on video.

Where do these footprints lead to?


Source: YouTube

Maybe they’re down here...


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! ! ! !


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*OH NO! It’s a dead end!*


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Source: YouTube

We’re pretty sure these penguins ended up back in their homes, but we do wish they’ll one day be able to experience the kind of freedom they were venturing out for in this video!

See the whole (attempted) escape here:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.