One of the most luxurious watch brands ROMAIN JEROME committed themselves to collaborate with Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. A moment that is hard to believe because the brand itself is commonly known to produce only limited edition high-end watches, in addition to an extremely higher cost than regular watches.

For example like these...

Steampunk Full Red series

$500,000 USD, 25 units limited edition.

Or something with a little friendlier price...

The Moon Invader Auto series

$160,000 USD, 1969 units limited edition.

Here is what we've been looking for...

Super Mario Bros. (Not a toy!)

$25,000 USD, 85 units limited edition.

If you are a true Mario fan who embraces the game everyday, it won’t be a bad idea to have one on your wrist while breaking through stages of Mario games.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.