It's common for Japanese convenience stores to offer "ichiban kuji", a type of guaranteed win lottery where you purchase a ticket for a blind draw for a chance to win any one of a number of prizes. This summer, 7-11 Japan, as well as department store Ito-Yokado and Nintendo Tokyo will be offering a series of prizes that can turn your home into the world of Super Mario Bros!

Here's a full list of prizes you can win for the 650 yen draw.

It's-a-me-Mario doll

A talking stuffed Mario doll that runs through this favorite phrases--when you touch his belly, at least.

Fanfare medley alarm clock

An alarm clock that plays the stage clear theme from each Mario game, as well as other sounds.

Big Bowser bath towel

A large Bowser bath towel big enough (two meters) for a bed.

Glow-in-the-dark Boo soap dispensers

Boo dispenser bottles that glow in the dark and come in two facial expressions.

Mario and Toad-themed clear pouches

Transparent Mario and Toad pouches that can be used for stationery and small goods.

Brick block small plates

Small plates designed after the brick blocks and levels in the game, which can be stacked together into one bigger block once collected.

Mini-Mario towels

Miniature Mario towels that can be used as handkerchiefs and come with small zip bags to store them in.

Mario Super Star handheld fan

A handheld fan modeled after the classic Super Star item, which comes with a "?" block to store it on when not in use.

The lottery will begin at all three stores starting June 27, 2020.

By - Big Neko.