Keeping fit is really tough for many of us. But do we have a solution for you! Here's an exercise video that might get you interested in moving your body!

It's called the "harahachi exercise":

It's got some cute moves that are great to watch and dance to, like this pose:


Source: YouTube

In disguise of a simple dance, the music and dance are made by hit makers! Catchy melody and enjoyable choreography help us get in the groove.


Source: YouTube

The "back dancers" are actually not all professional dancers—they are winners of a dance contest hosted by Shiseido.

When they were told they had won the contest, they were apparently so excited they were in tears! Manako, the only professional dancer dancing in the center, helped calm the two amateur dancers.


Source: YouTube

If you'd rather not run or do weight training, we think this dance could be a reasonable alternative!

There is another version where another professional dancer Itokutora (Ikura) dances—check it out as well:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.