In Japan, many homes are accustomed to having a mandarin in stock during winter.

Getting yourself inside a kotatsu and taking in natural vitamins while quenching your thirst. It's actually quite fun, and some people end up eating a bit too much.

It was perhaps natural then, for Japan to come up with a book that teaches you how to peel mandarins in artistic ways.

It'll let you peel mandarin into shapes of a rabbit and snake!

Or a wristwatch

Or even a map of Japan, divided into prefectures

It might not be for those who just want to eat the thing, mandarin skin peeling might be a fun thing to do with your family and friends.

But be careful not to eat too many of them, as it can affect your skin color a little.

2 simple mandarin peeling method

Here are some less complicated ways to peel your mandarin - these are a lot easier than those in the aforementioned book.

Mandarin flower

Mandarin caterpillar

By - grape Japan editorial staff.