One of Japan's most popular film properties, Godzilla continues to inspire interesting merchandise such as a Godzilla vs. Neon Genesis Evangelion figure designed by the Metal Gear Solid character artist, and Godzilla beauty masks.

One product which has been doing particularly well since last year is an atomic breath-spewing Godzilla Humidifier, manufactured by Shine Co., Ltd.

The humidifier uses LED lighting to give the beam emitting from Godzilla's mouth the signature blue atomic breath aesthetic, and while it's busy as work increasing the humidity in your room, the device plays the famous Godzilla theme music from the films. When it's out of water, you can hear Godzilla angrily stomping around. The volume is adjustable. Moreover, you can set the stream to either intermittent or continuous flow.

You can see and hear the Godzilla Humidifier in action in their promotional video:

The Godzilla Humidifier has been doing so well and is such a good product that it was recognized at the recent Japan Character Awards 2018, where it won top prize in the Product Licensee category.

The device can be ordered on Amazon, the Godzilla Store and is priced at 6,980 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.