A new Rilakkuma store is opening up in Oita, so they’ve teamed up with Japanese burger chain Freshness Burger to commemorate the occasion, by bringing out some of the most adorable desserts ever seen.

The bad news is that out of the whole of Japan, it’s just limited to one store in Oita. More bad news is that it’s only available during the month of March. In order to sample these cute sweets, you would have to just happen to be in Oita at that time (or be a big enough Rilakkuma fan to consider travelling just for this reason).

If you can get over this disappointment, please read on to see what each treat entails...

Rilakkuma’s Dango Style Three Colour Gelato

Source: PR Times

This cup is filled with three colourful flavours of ice cream, vanilla, amaou strawberries and mango in the shape of dango (one of Rilakkuma’s favourites apparently). The gelato is characterised by a rich taste and soft texture.

Korilakkuma’s Strawberry Lover Crepe

Source: PR Times

For Korirakkuma who loves strawberries, this dream-like crepe is filled with them, as well as fresh cream. The crepe is made with buckwheat flour and French AOP butter. The outside is crispy and the inside is soft.

Kiiroitori’s Cotton Candy Cranberry Soda

Source: PR Times

This cute, Instagram worthy drink has Kiiroitori floating on a cotton candy cloud. The soda comes in a separate glass so you can pour it in, mixing it with the cranberry juice. This will obviously melt the cotton candy, making the drink less photogenic but definitely more delicious.

The sweets are limited to the Amu Plaza's Freshness Burger in Oita from March 2nd to 31st.

Even if you can't make it to Oita for this Rilakkuma dessert, Sanrio themed cafes pop up around the country all the time. While you stay on the lookout, you can decide if these Korilakkuma desserts from last year are even cuter than these Freshness Burger ones!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.