Star Wars: The Force Awakens has finally arrived in theaters last week. If you have not been seen the movie yet, I think you should quickly add that on your right now list!

Japanese folks who had been to the theater have a common interest in one interesting character, which is the cute chubby robot BB-8. Disney nailed the prediction that BB-8 will be a big hit, so they produced a merchandising side of BB-8 to be turned into an ice sphere.

This silicon ice sphere mold from Kotobukiya can be used to make a perfect frozen replica of BB-8. A great way to impress your Star Wars friends at your next party. But you can pour everything from melted chocolate to cake batter if that is what you wish for. The price is fairly cheap at $14 USD, and only available for pre-order right now. BigbadToyStore

By - grape Japan editorial staff.