Anime fans always seem to find the most epic ways to celebrate special days, especially days that involve their favorite anime characters.

Twitter user @NotFound404_KY is a huge fan of Love Live!, a Japanese multimedia project about a group of fictional school girls who become idols to save their school from shutting down. Her favorite character is Hanayo Koizumi, simply referred to as Kayo — a shy first-year student interested in drawing, origami, and above everything else, rice.

Kayo’s love of white rice and eating in general prompted @NotFound404_KY to celebrate Kayo’s birthday in the only best way she could think of.

Behold, the “White Rice Cake.”


Source: @NotFound404_KY


Source: @NotFound404_KY


Source: @NotFound404_KY

After creating what can only be deemed a masterpiece, she tweeted (right after midnight, of course):

Today, January 17th, is Love Live! Hanayo Koizumi’s birthday!!

To celebrate, I made a “white rice cake” that looks just like Kayo’s favorite bowl of rice!

The batter and outer surface are made of white sponge, and on the inside are whipped cream, yogurt, and rare cheese!

But still, it’s a birthday cake, so it has to have something extra special to make it complete. Which is why she also added some strawberry jam as filling.

With mad skills like this, we wonder what other kinds of birthday cakes will be made for future special birthdays to come.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.