A new service for granting people's wishes is starting in Japan, and is being introduced by a Buddhist monk, of all people.


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When visiting a Buddhist temple or Shinto shrine in Japan, you will have an opportunity to receive an omamori (お守り), or good luck amulet. These correspond to spiritual entities such as gods or Buddhas, and come in different shapes and sizes that provide good luck to whatever your wish or struggle is--passing exams, wealth, health, safe childbirth, and so on. There are even commercial versions sold in stores that feature popular characters such as Hello Kitty.


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However, Chiko Sakai of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism at the Ikegami Jisso Temple has found that categories of traditional charms to be lacking and sometimes inapplicable to the many troubles and concerns of people living in 2016. Modern lifestyles and tribulations are much more diversified than in early Japan, so he decided to update the system with personalized charms that allow him to make custom omamori for each individual wish.

This service, called "Omamo", is made possible by the fact that each pattern and design on existing omamori hold their own unique meaning, so deconstructing these patterns and mixing and matching them results in an infinite amount of combinations tailored to individual wishes and concerns.

It works very simply. You send Sakai your wishes and concerns through this form, and then he reviews patterns of omamori and chooses the combination that best fits your wish.

For instance if you were worried about a big trip coming up, you could pray for safe travels.

Sakai would review patterns and select a combination that corresponds to that wish.


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And you would receive this amulet to carry around with you for protection!


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These are just a sample of the practically infinite combinations.


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Even charms for the most mundane wishes are doable.


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And hey, it's all confidential!


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English support and ordering is available at this page. While the order service is currently only available domestically, keep your eyes out for when Omamo launches in February, 2016 to see if international ordering becomes available.


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By - grape Japan editorial staff.