On January 21, 2016, the 12th day of the Grand Sumo Tournament (January season) was held. Ozeki-ranked Japanese sumo rikishi Kokushochiku has been on a winning streak.

On day 11, Kokushochiku had defeated one of the Yokozuna grand champions Hakuho; currently, Kokushochiku is the only wrestler in the tournament who has not lost a match. In the past 10 years, the tournament was largely dominated by Mongolian wrestlers (not a single Japanese had won a championship in the past decade), a lot of Sumo fans are watching Kokushochiku's progress in the tournament.

Then at the 12th day match against a strong Mongolian wrestler Harumafuji, Kokushochiku had won once again.

Kokushochiku has been suffering from injuries, but even then he has been performing really well so far. People are now feeling hopeful that this is Japanese sumo champion in the making.

Kokushochiku!!! It's too early to say, but I'm already about to fall into tears!

Wow, did Kokushochiku win again!? The last time a Japanese wrestler was crowned the champion was Tochiazuma... I can't believe it's been 10 years. With 3 more days to go, I hope he'll make it to the top!

Even the grand champion Hakuho has this look on his face...

While Kokushochiku's chances are high, there are still 3 more matches remaining. We might finally be able to listen to the Japanese anthem at the wrestling stadium at the end of this tournament!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.