For sumo wrestlers, eating is just another part of the training. And while many of us might imagine them scarfing down bowl after bowl of rice and chankonabe, that’s certainly not all they eat. But considering food portions in Japan are generally small, is anything they eat enough for their massive bodies?

Answer: Probably not.

Proving this is 39-year-old Shinobu Wakanosato, a 163 kilogram (359 pounds) Japanese sumo wrestler that is actually about 15 pounds heavier than the average sumo wrestler.

Like many other athletes, he has an Instagram account where he posts pictures of his daily life, which of course include pictures of his meals. With Wakanosato’s food pictures, however, it’s really difficult to focus on how delicious the food looks. We find ourselves much more intrigued at the size of his hands, and how big they are compared to his meals.

We kid you not, these are all normal portions of food

Even a bowl of ramen looks like a miniature toy

They all look so TINY

It’s not just food, either

We wonder how many plates he had before he got full?

Unless Wakanosato has a really tiny stomach, most of the food he orders at restaurants are likely not enough to fulfill his appetite. We hope he continues posting more pictures though, because we’re still not over being amazed at how tiny everything looks.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.