Source: YouTube

The New Pikachu Is Freaking Out The World!

Just recently, the Pokémon Company gave us our first glance at an upcoming Pokémon spin-off, Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo. It stars Pikachu... but not the one we are familiar with.

Here is the trailer.

What stands out about this trailer is that Pikachu is actually talking in human language. Besides that, a weirdly deep voice too. In a detective story-line perspective, it actually may be right to proceed with the idea, but anyhow! What really makes the audience concern is the huge gap between this and original Pickachu that we are used to. The adorable Pickachu that is supposed to be high-pitched and cheerful!

Okay.. at least in the end of the trailer there is one scene that saved the less human-like Pickachu’s image, which is the detective Pikachu meeting the original Pikachu scene (1:05). Therefore, the detective Pikachu might be some other wild Pikachu in the woods, who somehow is fluent in human language and smarter than humans. I deeply hope my assumption is true, otherwise, someone has to do a background check on that talking Pikachu ASAP.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.