The Pikachu “Outbreak parade” happens regularly each year in Yokohama, with thousands of them wobbly dancing throughout the local streets last year.


Once again, this adorably cute electric Pokémon celebrated its iconic celebrity status to the delight of Yokohama crowds. Pikachu even gave out free hugs as well!


But did you know Pikachu actually needs to warm-up before appearing in public?

And what specific warm-up does he do?

With his famous “QUICK MOVE” attack! (“Denshiseka!” in Japanese)


That's right! Unlike the other standard electric movesets like “Thunder Bolt,” the “Quick Move” is an epic hyper attack that combines high avoidance agility at first, then a final blow with a direct physical hit. In the anime, the Pokémon trainer Ash often use it on tricky opponents that have type advantage over electric Pokémon like grass or dragon types. And nonetheless, the Quick Move attack somehow also works perfectly as a simple warm-up preparation before meeting up fans.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.