We've all been there. Whether you are a surgeon who simply cannot afford to rest their legs at a critical time, or an unfortunate soul taken hostage on a shopping spree by your significant other, the need to sit when one cannot is a dark time for all. Fortunately, it looks like an option to rest your legs while standing may be on the horizon, as Japanese developers are planning on releasing a wearable chair this summer.


Source: YouTube

It's called that Archelis. While it's being marketed as the "wearable chair", the name itself is a combination of two Japanese words: "arukeru" (歩ける, able to walk) and "isu" (椅子, chair), so we can also call this the "walkable chair." Regardless of how you want to describe it, Archelis was born from the need to address the tiring conditions of working in intense medical environments--in particular, allowing surgeons and opportunity to rest their legs during physically demanding operations.

The chair, which visually resembles a leg-brace more than anything, is made of a mixture of metal and carbon, allowing it to be light, durable, and flexible. The ergonomic design of the chair distributes the weight of its user over a wider area, limiting fatigue. While the promotional video above shows off the chair as primarily relieving the discomfort of doctors and surgeons, Archelus is slated to to start selling this summer, and if it can actually help out with the grueling conditions of surgery, we hope it can help an IT guy or two.

It does appear more a leg brace, but if you don't mind the aesthetic...


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...the balanced dispersion of weight will help you take a load off while working.


Source: YouTube

Archelis is the brainchild of a collaboration between Nitto (a Yokohama mold factory), the Chiba University Center for Frontier Medical Engineering, Japan Polymer Techonolgy, and Hiroaki Nishimura Design. So all the hard-working people there are to thank if you're brainstorming how to use this for drinking!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.