For most of us, mazes are purely for fun. But Japanese YouTuber nana825763 showed the world that drawing mazes can be a pretty hardcore hobby.

nana825763 devoted half a year to complete one massive, intricate maze, which was all drawn on an A0 (841mm x 1189mm) canvas by hand. That’s a lot of dedication right there.

I’ve been drawing this maze for 19 hours straight since noon yesterday. Exhausted and heading to bed.

The artist explains that “all roads lead to Start and Goal,” describing that although some of the paths might look like they’ve been drawn just to fill in the empty spaces, they all lead to the Start/Goal point one way or another.

And if you thought someone was going to attempt to do the maze after it was finished, you’ll want to watch the video until the very end to find out what really happened to it. The outcome might just break your heart.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.