Some of our readers may recall Japanese food artist ぽん次郎 Ponjiro (@Ponjiro_clay), who excels at turning Pokémon into traditional wagashi Japanese sweets that are almost too cute to eat. We previously introduced their Swinub-inspired manju cake as well as their sakura-inspired Jumpluff sweet filled with delicious Azuki red bean paste.

Now, Ponjiro is at it again, this time turning to what you may at first think is a very unlikely candidate for a Pokémon to be turned into a tasty treat: the Poison-type Pokémon Grimer (Kantonian Version).

When you consider that a Grimer is formed from bacteria and toxic byproducts, you may have second thoughts about the idea, but wait until you see how cute this Grimer is!

"I made the most unappetizing wagashi in the world..."

Reproduced with permission from ぽん次郎 Ponjiro (@Ponjiro_clay)

The artist captured Grimer's expression so well and it even looks cute from the back...

As many fans of this Pokémon know, the way Grimer is portrayed in the anime makes it come across as downright cute at times and perhaps Ponjiro was inspired by this too.

This wagashi is made with nerikiri an paste and the filling is made with purple sweet potato. As for the glistening surface and the ooze around it, they used some diluted warabimochi (made with warabiko starch)...

If you're still not convinced it's an edible sweet, here's what it looks like inside:

Reproduced with permission from ぽん次郎 Ponjiro (@Ponjiro_clay)

Apparently, it tasted delicious!

You can watch a video to see how Ponjiro made it, too:

This adorable Grimer sweet went viral, garnering over 106,000 likes and 12,400 retweets at the time of writing, and eliciting numerous comments, such as:

  • "It looks so delicious!"
  • "I'm a fan and always put Grimer in my party! This wagashi is so cute and has such a gentle color!"
  • "Grimer wasn't my favorite but this wagashi has changed my mind..."
  • "The way you have it glistening makes it look real! Well done!"
  • "The final photo after it's cut up reminds me of a scene from Parasite"
  • "Mitty*, is that you?"

* A character in Made in Abyss

If you'd like to enjoy more of Ponjiro's amazing wagashi creations, be sure to follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.