Many of us are prone to think that any version of snacks and beverages using “Japanese ingredients” come from Japan.

Well, reality check.

We recently got news that the Kit Kat Green Tea Ice Cream, a scrumptious-looking ice cream featuring Kit Kat and green tea, has been popping up in stores in South East Asia, but not Japan.


It appears as though Thailand was the first to indulge in this magical combination of sweets, and has in fact been enjoying it since it appeared in stores last year. Last year!

But like with every wonderful thing that exists on this planet, it’s now being spotted in other countries, too. For example, Malaysia.

Vietnam just recently got a taste of this Kit Kat Green Tea Ice Cream, with sales officially starting on February 16th. Anyone in Vietnam can buy one (or fifty) of this ice cream at Japan-owned convenience stores FamilyMart and Ministop located around the country.

So when do we get this heaven-in-a-cone?

Unfortunately, no one knows. All we can do is hope that we’ll find it here soon, if we ever find it at all…

By - grape Japan editorial staff.