If you have lived in Tokyo for a while, you might at least have been to one of the animal cafes. The majority of animal cafes are fun, having a cup of coffee with cats is enjoyable enough to sit there the entire day. But many stores are often located at somewhere beneath or farther from the main district, plus the interiors often look less decorated compared to normal cafes.

Well, that’s not the case at Mocha! A cat cafe that offers a luxurious and classy space, and the locations are all nearby the main street of Tokyo, one in Shibuya and another in Ikebukuro. Since the cat staff are the ones working hard to warm our hearts, they certainly deserve a good work environment.

Now, Mocha is set to start a new location in arguably the most fashionable neighborhood of not just Tokyo, but all of Japan. Later this month the doors will be opening at Mocha Harajuku, just behind Harajuku station, the heart of Tokyo’s fashion district.

Before the store opens, Mocha selectively hired 8 best cat employees to support their cafe business.

Top row and to the right: Gizmo, Wasabi, Pocky, and Kojiro

Bottom row: Levi, Ren, Luna, and Ponta

They charge 200 yen (US$1.80) per 10 minutes. Unlimited soft drinks are available for 350 yen, and kitty snacks can also be purchased for 500 yen.

The new Harajuku’s Mocha closes up at 8 o’clock, two hours earlier than other Mocha locations, if you have a chance in the area, don’t forget to meet these wonderful staff.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.