It's not exactly a rarely occurring phenomenon to stumble upon a Japanese T-shirt, snack, or beverage that makes some very interesting decisions when it comes to using the English language on its label. If anything, its become a bit of an endearing flaw that makes the product all the more charming. Perhaps one of the pioneers in that regard is popular Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat, which has at times been off-putting for newcomers as beverages and perspiration are not exactly a fantastic combination.

The use of the word "sweat" is actually an indication of what the sports drink is supposed to do, however, as it replenishes you with the nutrients and electrolytes lost from sweating during strenuous athletic activity. The subtle grapefruit flavored beverage is a staple at Japanese sporting events, but Otsuka Pharmaceutical, the company that produces Pocari Sweat, wants to increase the convenience and accessibility of the drink, so as of April 4th, 2016, an edible Pocari Sweat jelly pack is now available.

The word "jelly" may cause some confusion, as it isn't referring to a fruity spread to complement your Peanut Butter, but rather a gelatinous type of beverage popular in Japan. They often come in small packages and are usually nutritional and supplement drinks, offering different flavors based around weight-loss, protein intake, and skin-care. You can see an example below.

A typical jelly-drink

The new Pocari Sweat Jelly was developed with the concept of "delivering a new form of hydration" to athletes in mind, and so by putting it the form of a jelly, Otsuka could introduce a new "edible hydration" (despite the fact that you typically suck on these jelly packages and drink from them, they have an image of being "eaten"). The compact packaging also allows for it to be easily carried around, and finished in a short burst by those with busy schedules. Essentially, it's just a simpler way to get all the things Pocari Sweat already provides.

The evolution of Pocari Sweat

A promotional video, where at the end you can observe how to drink it if you are a first-timer with these jelly packs.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.