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There’s Now “Cat Paw-Flavored” Ice Cream In Japan

The "cat paw innovation" never seems to cease in Japan. After the brilliant invention of the cat paw hand cream, which leaves your hand smelling exactly like a cat's paw, Japan somehow achieved another sensational feat — the cat paw-flavored ice cream.

Cat paw-flavored ice cream

Inside this vanilla ice cream are chewy marshmallow pieces that mimic the consistency of the padding on a cat's paw. The ice cream also contains nuts to achieve the texture of cat claws, and even small fish to more accurately imitate the "smell of cats."

Dog paw-flavored ice cream

And if cat paw-flavored ice cream isn't enough, they also have dog paw-flavored ice cream! This ice cream is black sesame seed-flavored with caramel popcorn pieces to similarly imitate the texture of claws.

According to cat-lovers in Japan, cat paws have the scent of sunflowers that leaves the person smelling them with light, positive energy. Unfortunately, these special "animal-scented" treats are limited to 100 orders of each, selling for 380 yen (US$3.35) at the Japan Pet Fair in Osaka from February 23rd to February 26th.

Oh, and if you need an extra boost of smell, they'll also be offering cat and dog "powders" that will give your ice cream the maximum animal paw taste. You can sprinkle them on top like pepper, but they'll only be available at the fair. For more information, head over to the Japan Pet Fair website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.