Tokyo's immensely specialty cheese tart store PABLO is no stranger to incorporating staples of Japanese cuisine into their delicious cheese tarts to pleasantly surprise customers. Their Uji Matcha cheese tart created lines out the door even at their two-story shop in Omotesando. You can expect a similar passion for dessert at convenience stores throughout the country, as an Okinawa branch exclusive is now getting a wide release: mesmerizing purple Okinawan sweet potato ice cream cheese tarts.


Source: PR Times

If you've ever been to beautiful Okinawa, then probably before even stepping out of the airport you have seen these impossibly purple treats staring at you, begging you to eat them!

ㄧ口的紫色辮子! #沖繩県#土產#紅芋

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These are Beni-imo tarts, which are pretty much ubiquitous in Okinawan souvenir stores. Beni-imo are Okinawan sweet potatoes, most notable for their purple color with translates to a pleasing aesthetic for loads of regional sweets, such as tarts, ice cream, pastries, and of course, Kit-Kats. Up until now, PABLO's Okinawan branch on International Street (沖縄国際通り, kokusai-dori) held exclusive claim to beni-imo in cheese tart form, but now the whole country is getting a taste of a spruced up version of the regional specialty. Starting April 19th, convenience stores throughout the country will sell ice cream cup versions of the beni-imo cheese tart, and like most things in Okinawa, it promises to be delicious!

The beni-imo cheese tart ice cream cups are a multi-layered treasure of sweetness, featuring layers of beni-imo ice cream and cheese ice cream, with a creamy center of cheese sauce all on top of a bed of butter cookie crust.

Layered ice-cream, cheese, and cookie goodness.


Source: PR Times

The packaging to look for at convenience stores.


Source: PR Times

Pablo is hoping to deliver soft and sweet finish that combines fresh cream and beni-imo, faithfully replicating the same experience as ordering a freshly baked beni-imo cheese tart, all without the need to travel to Okinawa (although you should definitely do that, too).

Priced at 180 yen ($1.65 USD) and available at major convenience stores throughout Japan, the more-than-meets the eye frozen treat looks as if it will pack the pleasure of a cool breeze on a hot Okinawa afternoon. But with cheese!


Source: PR Times

By - grape Japan editorial staff.