As you think Hayao Miyazaki is the only person who can establish a perfect Totoro drawing, there is someone who actually can perform the same ability and possibly even surpass the originals. The former president of Studio Ghibli and film producer Toshio Suzuki, is the one who gets studio films like My Neighbor Totoro, and Grave of the Fireflies to be made and released to the theater.

Recently in another project with LINE corporation, the main text- communication smartphone app tool has come to their end for a request on delivering some Totoro emoji stamps to serve their fans. Here was the conversation between these two best creatives...

Miyazaki: What’s a stamp? You mean mail stamp?

Suzuki: No... not really Mr. Miyazaki, can you draw it?

Miyazaki: NO I CAN’T!

Suzuki: Alright.., seems like I have to draw it then...

So Suzuki picks up his pen and started to draw 40 kinds of Totoro stamps on a wide table. Since emoji stamps are meant to express feelings without too much wording, Suzuki made it more lively than the original illustration.

These perfectly and adorably cute Totoro stamps are available for download on LINE official stamp. Even the white baby Totoro looks simply cute as hell. If your country doesn’t use LINE as a communication app tool, we just hope they come across to your user platform.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.