Summer is the season for frozen frappuccinos, and if you’re lucky enough to get ahold of one of the limited edition frozen drink makers from Starbucks Japan, you can easily make them at home, whenever you want.


Source: Starbucks Japan

Sold for 3,000 yen (27.25 USD), the Starbucks frozen drink makers come in three summery colors: Clear White, Alpine Blue, and Punch Pink. They can contain 228ml of your favorite drink, which might not be nearly as much as you might drink usually, but is enough to enjoy a nice cold refreshment under the burning sun.

Using it is simple, too. All you have to do is remove the plastic inner core, and place it in the freezer for 8-18 hours. After you put it back in the cup, you can then pour whatever drink your tastebuds are craving, and mix it with the attached spoon. After a few minutes it will turn into a delicious slushy, and all you have to do is dig in.

You can use it for juice, coffee, whatever you want — you can even add some toppings and make some breakfast


Source: Starbucks Japan


Source: Starbucks Japan


Source: Starbucks Japan

The only problem is, despite having been released on May 18th, 2016, just one day prior to when this article was written, chances of taking home your very own frozen drink maker have pretty much diminished. They’re currently sold out online, although lucky customers might be able to find one at a Starbucks location nearby.

So if having a Starbucks branded frozen drink maker is something you need to have for the summer, make sure to head over to a Starbucks store asap. Or, you could try waiting until next year, when they might come out with an even better version. We’re not promising anything, though.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.