Kanzashi (簪) are ornate hairpins used to add an elegant touch to traditional Japanese hairstyles. While its humble origins as a single rod were thought of as a mean to also ward off evil spirits, kanzashi have become more and more gaudy and and imaginative as hairstyles have progressed. They are commonly seen being used by geisha and brides, but have experienced somewhat of a boom in modern fashion thanks to a variety of new styles. One such style draws on rumors (typically seen in Samurai film lore) that kanzashi were sometimes used to conceal weapons as a means of self-defense, as Japanese online retailer Wargo is introducing hairpins modeled after weapons from early Japan.

With the summer season approaching, that means festival season is just around the corner in Japan. Thanks to some creative and modern style infusions giving yukata and even kimono a summer-time Renaissance, what better way to stand out than with a little hair-weaponry to battle the summer heat with?

Katana Kanzashi

Perhaps the most iconic of all Japanese weapons, the traditional sword was seen as the soul of a samurai, which makes it the perfect badass pin to protect your hair. It can be ordered here for 13,176 yen ($121.25 US).

Jitte Kanzashi

A weapon from feudal Japan that could use a little more love. The jitte, a non-bladed weapon, became the traditional weapon of police in feudal Japan when swords were banned from the shogun's palace. Because of the weapon's design, you usually see these catching swords and disarming bad guys in samurai flicks. They come with a cool little lantern tassel that sways as you walk. Available in different colors, it can be ordered here for 6,048 yen ($55.67 USD).


Source: Wargo


Source: Wargo

Matchlock Rifle Kanzashi

It's not all about blades, as this kanzashi modeled after an old school matchlock rifle brings some firepower to your hair. A dangling butterfly ornament adds a dangling touch as well. It can be ordered here for 9,612 yen ($88.46 USD).


Source: Wargo


Source: Wargo

By - grape Japan editorial staff.