As we've seen before, scarecrows in rural Japan can be downright blood-chillingly terrifying. However, Japanese Twitter user and figure hobbyist @harigilly may have raised the standard of macabre in Japanese farming fields with this super creepy scarecrow.

@harigilly happens to have a hobby for figure making and whipping up creations like this from garage kits, and now has appeared to have made their very own Frankenstein's monster. Returning to the family home for the Japanese O-bon holiday, @harigilly was asked to make a scarecrow, and evidently had a lot of fun applying the inventiveness and creativity of a seasoned modeler to it by creating this demonic figure that would fit right in with the abominations of Silent Hill.

On Twitter @harigilly detailed the creation process. It all started out with a badminton racket as a base for the apparition's body, which was then wrapped in newspaper, held together with athletic tape, and then padded with clay to give it a fleshy feel. Add in the bandages and screws, and you have a zombie-like fiend that no crow would dare land on!

This is definitely some impressive craftsmanship here, and involved a lot of hard work for @harigilly, who stayed up until morning working on this nightmarish scarecrow. While we're sure crows will be staying away from @harigilly's hometown farms, perhaps the farmers themselves will be staying inside as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.