Godzilla is making a comeback on July 29th in the new movie Godzilla Resurgence (Shin Gojira in Japanese), but fans are getting the chance to battle it out with the monster even before its much-anticipated premiere. From July 15 to September 25th, Namco Namja Town in Ikebukuro will be inviting visitors for the 2-month long event Shin Gojira vs. Namja Town: Godzilla Attacks Namja Town!

At Namja Town, you can go head to head with the legendary Japanese monster himself, so long as you have a head mounted display and an arm sensor. Yup — Godzilla will be stomping through the city in the series’ first AR (augmented reality) attraction, titled Godzilla Attack! G-FORCE.

For 1,000 yen (9.46 USD), you'll become the hero shooting laser beams from your arm to save the city. If you’re curious as to which Godzilla you’ll be fighting exactly, prepare yourself for an epic battle with Godzilla from the Heisei era of the movies.


Source: YouTube

After an epic duel, you can treat yourself to some refreshments of Godzilla-themed food, also available at Namja Town. With a menu replicating the most iconic monsters from the Godzilla series, you can scarf down some Shin Gojira ice cream (with sesame and framboise ice cream), King Gidorah gyoza curry pilaf, Mothra crepes, Mechagodzilla tortillas, and many more original dishes.

Original collaborative goods of Namja Town and Godzilla will also be available for purchase!

And if you head over to Sunshine City Alpa nearby, you’ll discover a giant, 2.3-meter tall replica of Godzilla’s foot. It’s the ideal photo spot to take some awesome pictures, and will be open for visitors to climb under from 12-2PM on weekends during the 2+ months of the event.

If you’re as excited as we are, you can start celebrating the event and the upcoming movie with Godzilla’s very own whisky!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.