Pokemon GO in Japan was finally released on July 23rd. On its first weekend, almost every park was flooded with people putting their head down in their cellphones to catch the very best Pokemon possible. While crowds have been hyped all around, something went terribly chaotic.., when a picture was posted from twitter saying “I GOT Mew Two!!”


Crowds and crowds of Pokemon trainers quickly headed to the pointed out location where Mewtwo appeared..., which made this particular 1am night at Tsuruma park become the most absurd night ever.

Well, the Mew Two thing was just a rumor as it appeared from the replied messages.

However, even if you can’t catch Mew Two (not released yet), the Tsuruma park located in Nagoya city is known of its “holy place” for catching mysterious secret types of Pokemons. The ones that you only can wish to catch.

From the google map, the park is formed in a Pokemon Ball shape.

Pokestops on every block.

And a lot of trainers.

24 hour trainers..

By the way, a Blastoise appeared yesterday.

If you happen to be in Japan, don’t forget to sweep by Tsuruma park for a mysterious catch!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.