Japanese burger joints are no stranger to black buns. In the past we've seen the release of pitch black burgers modeled after the Makkuro Kurosuke soot sprites of Studio Ghibli films, as well as some truly haunted Ghostbusters burgers. Now to celebrate the release of Venom in Japan, Department Store Parco is offering a collaborative menu that shows off the symbiotic menace's iconic maw and especially long tongue.

The Ikebukuro location features a "Venom Long Black Burger" with purple cabbage, cheese, and a particularly long slab of bacon to mimic Venom's tongue. There's also a Venom Waffle and a "Berry Dark Smoothie" that infuses a sour berry sauce into a chocolate smoothie.

The Nagoya location offers a curry/doria combination plate with keema and cheese curry, as well as a sweet and sour chocolate berry boba dessert drink.

Finally, the Shizuoka location is offering an even longer-tongued bacon burger!

Each location will feature film memorabilia, and run from the end of October for roughly one month. Exact dates for each venue can be seen in the press release.

By - Big Neko.