You might assume jugglers to have a keen sense of balance, whether it’s balancing one of their props or themselves. But surely not all jugglers can balance a stack of coins like @thumb_tani can.

A Sendai-based juggler, @thumb_tani is known for showing off some insanely well-balanced coin towers on Twitter. Using 1 yen, 500 yen, and some foreign coins, he masterfully stacks coins in sinuous towers, or on their edges in neat, poised forms. He doesn't just use coins, either — if there's a new prop he thinks he could utilize in his next coin tower, he's happy to use anything from pen tips, toothpicks, utensils, even eggs!

As if creating an enormous tower by normally stacking coins weren’t tricky enough already, this juggler/master coin stacker is basically making every one of us who’s ever tried making coin towers look really, really bad.

His videos also reveal how fragilely placed the coins are, just in case the idea that he might be cheating ever crossed your mind.

Although @thumb_tani has previously tweeted that stacking coins is the only thing he’s good at, he also shares some of his juggling videos online, for any curious audiences.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.