The Japanese Dango is a traditional sweet made from rice flour, which is related to mochi. It is often made with 3 to 4 dango on a skewer. It's enjoyed all year round, but is particularly popular in the New Year season. Recently, the Megatoy toymaker designed a toymaker to make dango. It comes with a special medium sized pot to efficiently mix rice, flour, and water into dango. After about 300 times of mixing and a couple minutes in the microwave, you are ready to form it into round balls.

You may add your favorite toppings like strawberry, or the classic Mitarashi sauce, which has a light sweet and salty taste. In addition to other fun tools to form your Dango into other shapes.

Rabbit Daifu and Bear Dango

Mitarashi Dango, kids size (2 pieces)

For more detail, a simple description on how to make Japanese Dango is included with the Dango maker. The Dango maker costs 4,298 yen, available for kids who are 8 year old or above.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.