You may be familiar with Japanese restaurants having a reputation for releasing seasonal black burgers, whether its the official Studio Ghibli burger, or the ghastly Ghostsbusters burgers with marshmallows. But with such a watered down market for black hamburgers, perhaps it is time to take the taste of darkness to other dishes. To celebrate their 10th anniversary in Japan, IKEA has picked up the mantle by releasing black hot dogs inspired by ninja.


Source: PR Times

The limited edition Ninja Dog uses a baguette for a bun, and the black color doubles as a representation of a ninja's garb as well as some ninja scrolls. While black burgers in Japan have used squid ink to gain a darker appearance before, the Ninja Dog takes its appearance from a special charcoal said to have a detoxing effect. They are said to be twice as big as an ordinary IKEA hotdog, so here is one of those for comparison.


Source: PR Times

The Ninja Dog will be on sale at IKEA stores in Japan for 300 yen ($2.94 USD) until December 31st. The toppings are up to you, but you've got the interesting aesthetic of a pitch black hot dog and bun to work with.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.