You might say that most secrets are best kept hidden — that is, of course, unless your little secret involves wearing a pair of cosmic galaxy tights from Village/Vanguard.

When worn with a skirt, the galaxy tights look like an ordinary pair of black stockings. But when a strong gust of wind lifts up your skirt just enough for others to get a teasing glimpse inside, they’ll see that you’ve been hiding an entire galaxy underneath your skirt the entire time.

The tights were designed by the brand ekoD Works, and with a closer look, you can see that there are playful components to the tights in addition to the radiant expanse of space around the hips. Down where your toes are meant to snuggle in is what looks like a blue stratosphere, and a little lone astronaut floating above it, right at your ankle.

Orders can be reserved for these tights through the Village/Vanguard online store, and they are expected to ship in early September. One pair costs 4,320 yen (41.55 USD), which isn’t much to have the entire galaxy wrapped around your tush.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.