Snack Umaibou is a small bar in Kokura City, Fukuoka with astoundingly generous services. Packed from floor to ceiling with 20,000 umaibō snacks (crunchy corn snacks, literally translated as "delicious stick"), the bar offers a drink and all-you-can-eat umaibō for just 500 yen (4.80 USD). You can even take them home, but this is all just the standard menu of this locale.

Besides being able to stuff your face with umaibō snacks to your heart's content, there are many more handsome offers for anyone looking to eat and drink on a super low budget. For example, by paying an initial fee of 1,080 yen (10.45 USD), and a monthly fee of 540 yen (5.20 USD), customers can get delicious, free lunch at the bar every day. They also give free snacks to local restaurants and hair salons, and have fun "Challenge Menus" including a 1,000 yen (9.65 USD) discount for anyone who succeeds in eating 3 umaibō in 10 seconds.

In February and September of this year, Snack Umaibou even held a campaign where they sold tickets for a lifetime's worth of drinks for just 10,000 yen (95 USD). Though the most recent campaign has already closed, it appears that they are held quite periodically. But with the increasing amount of fame the bar has been getting in recent weeks, we can only imagine they'll come up with even more exciting offers.

While people are celebrating the existence of this generous bar, many others have been concerned that Snack Umaibou will soon go bankrupt. But, it turns out that the bar is run by an IT company, and their services are in fact part of their whole marketing strategy. All we can say is, it seems to be working very well for them.

Currently, there are plans to open a new location in Kabukichō, the entertainment and red-light district of Tokyo. They are in the process of raising funds for the bar, which will boast a shocking number of 50,000 umaibō snacks. With this plus offerings like free lunch and a lifetime of drinks, we're almost certain that this bar will be an insanely huge hit in the metropolis.

Snack Umaibou

Address: 3-3 Konyamachi Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Wisteria Bldg. 207
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By - grape Japan editorial staff.