While it's true that numerous recipes for watermelon sashimi exist on the World Wide Web, it's also the case that many people would rather enjoy a plate of deliciously prepared raw fish instead of an uncommon substitute. But Redditor Acridian13 found an ingeniously playful way to combine the two together, with an altogether new kind of "watermelon sushi."

Beautiful and juicy as the watermelon slices sitting on the rice may seem, these watermelon sushi are all made from ingredients you would find at a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant. The pulp of the fruit is good old tuna, while the rinds are made from thinly sliced cucumber pieces. Topped with black sesame seeds that look just like the seeds of watermelons, this unique plate of sushi might look unconventional, but promises a familiar taste of standard tuna sushi.

While we probably won't be seeing this at traditional Japanese sushi restaurants anytime soon, it could easily be made at home for a playful dinner that will make everyone in the family do a double take.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.