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Twins Perform Awkward GonGon Song To Prevent Mites

After the PPAP song took the internet by storm, another viral song is getting stuck in people's heads in Japan.

The song is about GonGon, a popular Japanese mite and tick prevention product by Kincho. Since Japan has very humid weather, it's not uncommon to have those be a problem in old houses. But once you place the GonGon inside the closet, it should keep your clothes beautiful and safe all day.

Of course, it’s too hard (and probably unfair) to challenge PPAP’s mastery of simple music, but the GonGon commercial has its own catchy style with 2 twins Yae and Mio performing tricky hand movements while Saito Tsukasa of popular comedy duo Trendy Angel makes a strange cameo in the back, and has inspired a lot of attempts from YouTubers around Japan.

No GonGon? Bottles will do...

Thanks to the add-in Pop!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.