Whether it's from dangerously convenient self-serve vending machines, sweet and savory cream puffs, or even Kit Kats, there are a plethora of ways to enjoy sake in Japan. Convenience stores and station kiosks even sell "cup sake", or sake packaged in glass jars (and even juice cartons with straws) for people who want to enjoy their sake on the go. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case for hot sake--until now!

Starting October 2nd, Japanese sake brewer Nihon Sakari will be introducing Japan's first ever canned hot sake, just in time to brave the approaching colder weather. Hot sake, or atsukan(燗酒), has not been available readily in canned form before in Japan, because sake kept in a constant state of heating eventually deteriorates in quality, making it hard to keep readily on hand. Nihon Sakari has spent the past six years, however, collaborating with a research institute to develop a yeast which makes it difficult to cause such deterioration.

The Atsukan can will be sold in 180ml bottled cans starting on October 2nd in convenience stores and train stations for 223 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.