Akari loves her brother so much that she dreamed he would give her a genuine “kabe-don” experience. "Kabe-don" is a trending form of physical body language that lets lovers declare their love in a direct way. It doesn't come off as too overly pushy, but it still lets the recipient of the kabe-don know that there's a heck of a lot of passion in the air.

“Kabe” means wall, and “don” indicates a pounding sound like that of drums. To perform the typical kabe-don, a guy suddenly uses one hand to hit the wall above the girl’s shoulder while she is leaning back against the wall, then simply confesses his love from an intimately close distance, in which in most cases the simplest way is always the best, saying “Suki-desu,” meaning “I like you.”

Here is a clip of Akari demanding her brother for a “kabe-don.”

Felt satisfied, but a little embarrassed.

She wants more...

The other hand please..

Total satisfaction SERVED! (whispering saying "wow..he is for real!(heart)")

Her brother Eita even did it with both hands at once, “DOOONNN!!”

But, she got upset and yelled at him because there apparently wasn't enough love contained in his actions.

So.. Akari fought back with a "jackpot."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.