Elderly Japanese people strutting off their surprisingly youthful energy in song and dance is nothing new, as we've seen with Jiji-Pop, an idol group of elderly men with an average age of 67.4. Grandpas aren't the only ones that know how to tap into the fountain of youth for some musical fun, however. A trio of Japanese grandmothers performing under the name "Bamboo Shoot" recently showed off their dance moves and un-aging energy to the tune of "24K Magic" from Bruno Mars' new album.

The elderly dancing group is headed by Tori, a 61-year-old grandmother who really digs the underground dance scene in Japan. She's backed by the 56-year-old Mush and 59-year-old Tachiflower, who show now signs of slowing down in their age as they flow gracefully in their kimono. Together as Bamboo Shoot, the three travel Japan and perform at underground dance events. Japan, particularly Okinawa, is often praised for boasting such long lifespans, but perhaps these grandma show that it's not all about diet and relaxing. Keeping yourself disciplined, active, and learning in your later years might just be the key to getting the most out of life.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.