Kyoto has long been revered as not only a fascinating travel spot, but somewhat of a mecca for traditional Japanese culture and art. Coupled with the city's love for a cup of high quality green tea, it only seems natural to take in a good book or two as you explore Japan's beautiful ancient capital. Perhaps that's what makes it such an appropriate fit for the second branch of Book and Bed Hostel, a bookstore and library themed hostel, after a successful opening in Ikebukuro last year. Opening on December 2nd, the Book and Bed Kyoto Branch will open its doors and offer cozy lodging to travelers, with 5,000 books, both English and Japanese to take in.

The Book and Bed Kyoto Branch is conveniently located in Kyoto's Gion District, famous for geisha, tea houses, and attractive architecture. Designed by Soda design and Suppose Design Office, the Kyoto Branch has exclusive yukata-styled pajamas that can be rented on certain days every month. The hostel encourages guests to travel around town and visit hot springs in the pajamas that double as acceptable casual clothing, before returning and reading yourself to sleep.

Rooms are actually categorized as differently sized bookshelves (Compact, Regular, and River-View) that you sleep in, ranging from 4,800 yen-5,300 yen per night. Cuddled in your bunk with a private curtain, this isn't exactly a hostel for those looking to socialize, but there is a wealth of books, magazines, and short stories for you to appreciate during the downtime of your stay. And should you need a break from all the literature, the Kyoto branch offers a Book and Bed and Beer craft beer bar space.

One nice bonus is that even if you don't want to stay over or can't make a reservation, you can sample the selection of literature as a guest for 540 yen per hours, or 1,620 for an all-you-can-read option. You can find further information and make a reservation at the hostel's website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.