Even those who haven't been to Japan will be familiar with the story of Hachiko, the faithful Akita (not a Shiba, contrary to popular belief) puppy who would wait for his owner's return after work everyday near Shibuya station, and continued to do so in heartbreaking fashion even after his owner's death. Many know the story from a soul-crushing Futurama episode, but the loyal dog's spirit is immortalized right in front of Shibuya station as a famous rendezvous point. And as this Tweet from @pitathecrackers (Pita) shows, not just for humans!

Pita captured this adorable dog proudly posing for his owner (the older gentleman in the picture), and incidentally all gathered at the crowded Hachiko meet-up point. Pita notes that the dog would move around and follow his owner to face the camera, apparently all while striking this dashing pose!

It's not the first instance of animals hanging out around Hachiko, however. There have been multiple sightings of cats taking up temporary home between Hachiko's legs and hanging out during the day. Unfortunately there are rumors that at least one cat is placed there by their owner to get attention (what a dick), but there do seem to be some that wander over from the alleyways to take in the sun--under the faithful watchdog Hachiko, of course.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.