Source: @tiffako

Wow, Pikachu Has Really Let Himself Go

You would figure that with his lightning quick attacks and his own parade in Yokohama, Pikachu would have no problem staying in shape, but it appears that when you put him in a Pokeball or on a store shelf for too long, everyone's favorite electric Pokemon adds a few rolls to his tummy.

If you need convincing, it appears that Crunchyroll's Tiffa Suzuki and others have spotted the rare fatso Pikachu in the wild--or rather, at the Kiddyland store in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Others have chimed in and provided a glimpse at what the big Pikachu plushie is supposed to look like, but perhaps the flagship Pokemon has collapsed under the weight of carrying his trainer Ash, the biggest loser in the history of anime.

This has of course inspired many others to go visit the fatty Pikachu, meme him, and even make fan art.

Oh well, if anything maybe this will finally give Danny Devito a chance to voice Pikachu.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.